Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Contest @BloggerTricks

I just love contest and I am sure you love to take part in this contest too. This is where you get to win up to $100 cash, it is the First Contest@Blogger Tricks.

Thanks to the Sponsors: - Home Improvement Contractors - Banner Ad Blog & Directory

Prizes waiting for you to win:
1st Place : $50 hard cash

2nd Place : $25

3rd Place: $15

4th, 5th & 6th Places : $5 each

(yea.. total of 6 prizes.. so, you can have more chances of winning)

The winners will be determined based on the most number of points!

How to enter?
Simple! There are lot of ways to earn points.
1. Just leave a comment here (max 1 comment per person)
Points you get : 2

2. Digg this Post:
You can digg this post here.
Points : 3

3. Blog about this Contest :
Just spread the word by writing a small review about this contest (min 100 words) in your blog including a link to this contest page and a link each to both of the contest sponsors.
Points : 15 x your blog's Pagerank
Ex: If your Blog's Pagerank is 3 , you get 45 pts .
(Note: 10 pts if the Pagerank is Zero).
1 Post max per blog. So, the more blogs you have, the more points you can get.
And, we don't accept newly created blogs or blogs with less contest to avoid creation of new blogs just for the sole purpose of this contest.

4. Add a small banner in your blog about this contest.
Just copy this html code and paste it in your blog sidebar...
*max 1 per blog
Points : 10
Participate in Contest and Win $100

Participate in Contest and Win $100

5. Subscribe to our Email newsletter: You can subscribe here.
*Max 1 per person
let me know with your email if you have already subscribed.
Points : 10

Contest ends on 25 March, 2009.


Scotty's Princess said...

Hey Sherry! Thanks for the sponsorship in my contest. Would just like to ask the correct URL of your blog HEART RANDOM. I couldn't get there...

Would love to hear from u the soonest possible time. I am finalizing the mechanics for ymy contest...

Sherry said...

hi I leave comment at your blog. its

Michelle said...

Thanks for contest info..:-) But be careful of SCAM..There are lot of scams out there..

Sherry said...

thanks michelle, will look out!