Friday, March 20, 2009

Clock is ticking for Big Mak Contest Result

Do you know that I am so nervous to find out who is going to be winner of Big Mak Blog Contest? My sister just comes by and she is on the way to my dad's place. She will have her car service there, I am not sure if $200 is enough. The other day, my car has service and changes some light bulbs it cost me $900.


Rosa said...

congrats sherry! You win the first prices.:-)

Badong said...

the results just came in. Congratulations! first prize!

alex said...

hi sherry! congratulations

by the way regarding the price, you have to coordinate with makoy of he'll forward the price to your paypal.

have a nice weekend!

Sherry said...

@Rosa thanks you won too! two prize yeah double happiness to you :)

@Badong, thank you.

@alex, thanks for telling me.