Friday, February 20, 2009

15 contestants and counting at Big Mak Blog Contest

I am sure you like to take part in contest. Makoy's blog has a contest going on and you can still take part. They are currently 15 contestants in Big Mak Week 2 and I am sure more blogger will take part.

This is one exciting contest and I wanna who going to win this contest too. By the way, if you are going to take in the contest. You can mention referral by me, this will earn you 3 points. I will have 5 points thanks to you!

Makoy's blog has other info about entertainment, celebrities and daily gossip too.


Tey said...

wow where are you getting all of these contests sherry. Hmmm, you're starting to motivate me to do the same thing.
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Sherry said...

hi tey from internet of course :) hehe.. yeah you can too join contest if you like. :) Its so much fun!