Thursday, December 4, 2008

Win an exclusive USB stick!

Yeah you have read the title correctly, that's win an exclusive USB stick at Gadgets Club! See the above pic, that's 4 of them. That means 4 winners, each of them will receive a 4GB stick.
What so special about them? Just look at their main features.

Main features of the exclusive Flash drives:

  • each one is carefully handcrafted in Germany by Thalbach Design
  • individual wishes on veneers used or style of aluminum inlay are possible
  • attentions to details: e.g. the veining of the veneer goes all the way through the stick (china sticks don’t do - normally there the lid is made from a totally different piece of wood and just grabbed out of the big box when finally plugging the sticks together)
  • these sticks can’t be bought from an online store since the producers believe that an exclusive product needs an exclusive customer service: they prefer to talk to the customers in order to build for them exactly what they imagine.
You can check out the sponsor Thalbach Design Manufaktur for more info.

The contest ends on 20 Dec, 2008. Find out how you can take part in this Contest.

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