Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let's join Serradinho Contest

Hello and welcome to Serradinho contest,

I must first say that I am glad you popped in. I can assure you that signing up for the contest will take 15 minutes or less, depending on your technical skills of course. :) There are also some great prizes to be won so join now.

I know that everyone is already in the Christmas mood of buying presents for loved ones and family members that I thought it would be nice to get this contest out in this festive time. This contest is also dedicated to a good friend of my brother, I also know him personally, Dave Tippett. You can read more about him at his website, please feel free to leave a comment.


There is a total of 40 points and they are all very basic to get. This should take you 15 minutes or less. Each point represents an entry in the contest.

1. Blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors links and link back to this post and receive 20 points. Please supply your URL. Download the full details here of the contest and copy and paste it in your html editor. Mulitple blogs/websites mean multiple points.

2. Subscribe to Serradinho feed via Email and confirm your subscription and receive 7 points. If you are already subscribed, please leave details in your comment.

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3. Sign up for some free pixels and use the same email address as in step two above and receive 8 points. Some of you might already have free pixels, that's cool by me. Just leave your details in comment.

4. Place my banner on your website for the duration of the contest and receive 5 points. Just link the banner to this post. Please leave location in your comment.

Serradinho Contest on Now!

Serradinho Contest on Now!

Entrecard Credits: 5 winners will be selected

Now the Entrecard credits will be split between 5 random winners. All unique entries will be put in a hat and 5 will be pulled out, probably by a work colleague of mine. I have arranged with Entrecard to send the winners their credits from the sponsors account directly, less hassle for us all.

Text Ads: 2 winners will be selected

The text ads will just be split between 2 winners. The winners will be chosen by and the text ads will be divided equally between the 2 winners.

125x125 Banners: 5 winners will be selected

The 125x125 banners are my fav and I know everyone likes them too. You will have a chance of putting your banner on more than one website for a period of time. This is a real bargain and many will envy you. The winners will be chosen by and the banners will be divided between the 5 winners.

Main Prize: Only 1 winner will be selected

Now the main prize is the real deal. To be eligible for this prize, you will need to have all 40 points. The biggest bonus for me is the premium theme, I'm using it on and there are no complaints from me.


This contest ends on the 19th of December 2008 at 20:00 GTM+2. So go back to after the 23rd of December and check if you are one of the winners! This will enable me enough time to sort out all the details.

Final Message reserves the right to modify the contest mechanic and prizes as we see fit and at any time. If you have any questions regarding the contest, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

I would just like to thank all the sponsors who helped out. :) Without your help and assistance, this contest would just be a dream or an idea. To all the people who would be taking part in the contest, good luck to you all and may your festive season be fruitful.

No new sponsors will be accepted.

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