Friday, July 31, 2009

What do you think?

@sherrygo sorry but i should delete you from my follower :D, i think treasure hunter cannot give info to the another treasure hunter.

So above is one of the tweet I have got from a treasure hunter.


Angelina said...

Hi there,

I found your blogpost very interesting.i am Angelina Mathew,a community member at / Will like to talk(through email) to you,is this the right time to talk about or should we talk during weekends ?

Angelina Mathew

Janice said...

I'm a little disagree with that girl/guy. What treasure hunter do is to bring all the good news for everybody and sharing news is a way of sharing joys, isn't it?

Afterall, we shouldn't make it sounds so commercial. Am I right? :p

Sherry said...

hi Angelina, I have email you :)

hi Janice, thanks for sharing your view.