Friday, July 17, 2009

My slogan won freebie!

Yay I am so happy, first I like to wish Tammy a Happy Birthday! The freebies and EC decided by Tammy. Thank you sis.

Freebie: Sherry

500 EC ---- Elai of Elai's Haven
2000 EC ----- Sudha of Sudhersana
500 EC ------SunEGrl of Low Carb Weigh of Life
500 EC ------ SunEGrl of Made In The USA
1000 EC ----- SunEGrl of SunEGrl Loves to Shop
1000 EC - Chuchie of Three Chies' Trends
1000 EC - Chuchie of Scrap Collection

Marked red claimed. :)

Thank you, ec can be send to


djtammy said...

Congrats She. Not just EC...but a $5 freebie from me since its my bday :-)

djtammy said...

I sent you $5 :-) Happy weekend :-)

Sherry said...

hi Tammy, :) wow I got a $5 too :) thank you.

Its your birthday! Happy Birthday.

Sudha said...

Hi sherry I have sent you 2000 EC credits pls let me know if you have got it thanks and *cheers* for winning :)

_el@i_ said...

Hello and Congratulations! I've just sent you the credits.... ;)
Please mail me if you got it, thanks ;)