Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review; Ah Boys to Men

I watched the Ah Boys to Men recently, now I know the full story of this movie after watching the Ah Boys to Men and Ah Boys to Men 2.

It is nice film in Ah Boys to Men about Ken Chow acted by (Joshua Tan) a rich boy, he's spoilt and childish. His girlfriend left him for another man because she finds not mature. He kicks the dustbin in the public and dirty the floor, two police officer bring him back to police station infornt of his girlfriend. He wants to shows her that he loves her very much, he wanted to send her off at the airport but he cannot go because he's in National Service. He tried making himself sick and he did, his action made his dad had a car accident.

Ken realised his mistake and fear to face his dad, he goes back to National Service. What's next? That's the part two of the movie Ah Boys to Men 2.

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