Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashion shopping week for me

Last week I have good time shopping, It is fun to shop for myself and loved ones.
My very first swimwear, so long time no go to the pool. This time we head to Sunway Lagoon, they open at 10am but aleady big crowd in queue at 10.30am. I don't like the queue but I waited at least 40 min to buy tickets. My second time very slow compare to first line and third line, thanks to the people that keep asking questions at counter.

We out from the park after 5pm, sunway lagoon staffs there waiting to sell souvenior because the wristband if return you get $10 back. I decided to go refund as I don't wear watch.

Now go find my shopping info, and guess the price. Click each to find out!

Have fun folks...

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