Sunday, May 27, 2012

June VanityTrove is here

Woohoo... my first time subscribed to VanityTrove, it is my first package and it maybe my last. Well we will see because paying RM60 is quite costly, there are total eight items in this beautiful box. If you don't know what to surprise your loved one you can try out the VanityTrove.
They deliver to you all the way from Singapore, for $25 a month you get their picked of a nice mix of goodies. Every month is not the same, this month June is Best Friends Summer.
I will go in more detail of the items when I have time, in the mean if you have interest to know more of VanityTrove just click the link.


StreetLove said...

Good trove! Thank god I didn't subscribe or else I need to move in to a bigger house as my products are getting more and more LOL

Sherry said...

Hi Fiona, hehe.. Need bigger room