Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The last time I pig out

It is our first time to visit the restaurant call Bar B Q Plaza and it is going to be our last as well. My dear does not like the food because the soup is tasteless too. You can see this very hot plate on the table, you need to put the meat and seafood on top to Bar B Q them. The meat is frozen and there is not much choice to put on it.

The price of the meal cost almost USD$30. Even though stated on the coupon it is buying one free one but you know there are terms and conditions on it as well. It is expensive meal and my dear goes back not feeling full at all.

If I compare the meal at another restaurant I would rather go to the chicken buffet because the price almost the same as USD$30. Chicken buffet is all you can eat and you can have your meal there for at least 2 hours.

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Rossel said...

the food looks yummy in the picture pero tasteless pala. i want to try that bbg in hot plate. haven't tried it yet.

Sherry said...

yeah Rossel the chicken soup tasteless, the soup is pour on top the hot plate before put the meat for BBQ

anne said...

we love chicken... number one fave of my husband and youngest daughter ehhehe

Vernz said...

O so yummy.... joined Gt too.

GT: I’ve Always been …

niko said...

aw am sorry you dear was disappointed but the picture looks so yummy!!!!!

Artsy Niko
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