Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Valentine's Date 2010

This Valentine's Date 2010 will be special day for everyone, 14 Feb 2010 is also date for the first day of Chinese New Year. Since I am celebrating Chinese New Year I am not sure if my true love will be there to celebrate with me. Sometimes I feel neglected and I just kept to myself.

I can never forget that the first date he got lost to look for my place. He told me that I am bad in giving directions, yeah he can say that again! He is same race as me, he is 5'7 and often wear XXL size clothing as XL size cannot fit him anymore. He used to wear XL size but he put on weights. I hope he will be my Valentine's Date 2010, it does not matter that he is over 100kg I am pretty in love with him.

We do not celebrate Valentine's Day often, even though it is once a year. We believe that spending quality time together is more important. He is a great cooked and cook way better than me. Even my family members love to taste his food. I hope this year Valentine's he has pay more attention on me that anything other things.

Share your Valentine's Date 2010 below!


r u s s said...

I hope you have a fab celebration on Valentine's Day. Enjoy dear.
Got my Girls Talk entry here ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

Sherry said...

thanks russ I read yours :)

LingLing said...

You are soooo lucky to have a man who cooks! Those are pretty rare! :) hehe. Guess all the other women in your family envy you for that ;)

Enjoy ur V'day sweety <3

Sherry said...

yeah lingling :) its hard to find one that cook :)