Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have got the frame! Thank you MizzyN

Everywhere you can see my name on the frame.
Yeah this frame is for me, it has got my name on it!
Above is the colourful button at side of frame, they are so cute!
Little note from MizzyN to me.

Lovely package from MizzyN

I am showing you what is hot and I mean it is fresh too! So I need to find a picture for this frame.

I won the frame from MizzyN and look at the frame it is so beautiful.

The contest which I taken part in September 2009. Three winners for this contest, I am one of them.

Thank you MizzyN for the candy and flower :), they are so sweet just like you.

Thank you for the lovely frame, I love it.


Anonymous said...

Take part in this contest, it ends October 31st 11:59am UK time

Lucifer said...

My First Blog Contest:

My Blog Image Link :