Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Annual Event Blog Contest @Evil Woobie

This is my entry to the Annual Blog Event at Evil Woobie’s Love Advice blog. Among the prizes, I want to win this A Tarot Deck (The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck) + Tarot Guide because I like to learn how to play this Tarot.

Here are the people who contributed to the Blog EventBuraot | Entrecard: the best way to build blog traffic | TSBMag: What Your Dad Left Out | Hidden Phone Secrets | Female Big O Secrets.

All entries will be qualified to join the raffle.

$50 in cold cash, (details )

100,000 Entrecard Credits, (Learn about this prize here).

This easy contest is just waiting you to take part. This is Annual Even Blog Contest @Evil Woobie.


Jes said...

hi tnx for ur visit!!! yes we can widraw from bnk, they said it has no charge

Jes said...

they have charges in paypal i dunno why even if you dnt widraw it, earthly gave my prize thru paypal thts only $4 an when i checked my paypl accct its only $3.something already! i dunno why it was deducted

Jes said...

re with make up contest i ddnt know its for us only =) hehe i prticipted with cricket n monkey too, they dnt hve replies yet.

Jes said...

winning 100 dolars is a lt!! thats 5,000 pesos here.....i love to win like that!!! never had a chnce to be drwn rndomly even in xmas raffles...i am not lucky!!! =)

Jes said...

yes ur ryt about opps there were like.50 only
but i am still grbbing it...i need a practice! hihihii =) i only had 2 posts aproved yet. and 7 remaining no replies yet. i grabbed $7 opp lst week but no feedbck yet! hope they will aprove that!

Sherry said...

Jes so nice you can withdraw from bank. Here no such service yet. That is why charging in paypal.

The prize I won the deduct is more $7.