Friday, March 20, 2009

Yay I won Big Mak Blog Contest!

I cannot believe what I see, it is true that I have won First Prize of Big Mak Blog Contest. You can view the result here. Makoy's contest is a success he has got 63 participants with 16,065 total points. Wow sponsors will get 141 links from his contest.

Look at what I won! Thanks to Makoy and Sponsors of Big Mak Blog Contest. :)

EC can be send to Sherry Rambling

1st prize, $110, 20K EC credits, 5 ad spots, Domain and Blog Hosting - Sherry (5,059 points)
*$10 and 1000 EC Credits from Pinoy Blogger in Singapore
*$10 and 1000 EC Credits from Pinoy Showbiz and Hollywood News
*$10 and 1000 EC Credits from Make Money Online With Makoy
*$10 and 1000 EC Credits from Makoy Pinoy Blogger
$10 from Life of a Filipina Blogger
$10 from Retarded’s Notebook
$10 from Blog de Manila
$10 from Sonnie’s Porch
$10 from PRC Board Exam Results
$20 and 1000 EC credits from Pinoy Ambisyoso
*1000 EC credits from bum-spot
1000 EC credits from Diva Fabulosa
1000 EC credits from The Pinay Blogger
2000 EC credits from Nurturing Nigel
1000 EC credits from Shards of Thoughts
1000 EC credits from Pinay Mom Blogs
1000 EC credits from Michael Aulia
1000 EC credits from Forex Trading and More Online Opportunities
1000 EC credits from Fatherly Yours
2000 EC credits from Blog de Manila
500 EC credits from xoxjanellexox
500 EC credits from contest love
1000 EC credits from The Struggling Blogger
1000 EC credits from Sonnie’s Porch
1 month ad spots from Momma Wannabe
1 month ad spots from Health and Beauty Diva
1 month ad spots from Perkier Than You
1 month ad spots from Nurturing Nigel
1 month ad spots from Forex Trading and More Online Opportunities
Domain from Pinay Mommy Online
Blog Hosting from Mom's Hosting

Marked RED claimed!


Roy said...

Congratulations Sherry!

You get another 1,000 ECs from me! ;_

Roy said...

hmmm... this blog seems to be deleted from EC, where do you want me to send your prize?

Please message me at Entrecard.

Again, congratulations!

Sherry said...

hi Roy, please send ec to

Rosa said...

Hi sherry! Congrats you won the first prices! Haha!

Sherry said...

@Rosa, yeah I won :) so happy, this contest a challenge yeah.

Rosa said...

Anyway, i did not won double at Bik Mak Blog Contest.

Sherry said...

sorry Rosa, I thought its you.

Rosa said...

Nope. Hehehe

vhincent said...

Hey just want to congratulate you for winning the contest of makoy! :)

have a great day!

Makoy said...

congrats sherry!

Sherry said...

@vhincent, thank you.

@Rose, at least you won 3rd Prize.

@Makoy, thank you.

Jade said...

Congrats!!! The prize money is already with Makoy. Please claim it from him.

IndoContest said...

Congratulation Sherri!!

Sherry said...

@Jade, yeah got it :)

@indocontest, thank you!

Roy said...

Hi Sherry!

Sent the 1,000 EC credits you the specified EC account.


Eric of BlogDeManila(Philippine Blog) said...

congratulations Sherry! Btw, I already sent the $10 to Makoy, for the EC I will send it now.

Wendy said...

congrats sherry. I've already sent you the credits from

I also placed an ad of your blog

in nurturing nigel as I promised.

if you have any questions leave a message on my tagboard.

Enjoy your prizes!

Sherry said...

@Roy, thank you got it :)

@Eric, sorry I posted wrong comment at your blog :) hehe.. supposed be 2,000EC I commented 1,000EC.

@Wendy thank you :)

@Fatherly yours, got the EC

@Michael got the EC :)